Insider Peek at our New Paths: Scout

Our Scout Path was developed through our Cheat Mountain summer camp. Scouts work through the scout track by going to Cheat Mountain for several years and advancing through all the levels there. Students who first come to Cheat Mountain are Skills I Students. Cheat Mountain offers 3 main versions of the camp: Skills, Practicum, and […]

Get Ready for Rain on Cheat Mountain!

If you’ve been in West Virginia this month, you’ve probably noticed that it rains here…a lot. No where more so than the home of our Sur-thrival camp up on Cheat Mountain in Randolph County. More days than not this summer we’ve been under a flash flood warning, and it feels like we’re all starting to […]

Avant Evans – Stop Judging Others

Stop Judging Others Stop judging people by using the phrase “not normal.” Everyone has a different perspective of what is normal. Using the phrase “not normal” to judge or to bully someone makes people feel bad about themselves. It makes people want to change who they are because they are being judged by what society […]

Hayden – The Importance of Teaching WV History

  There are so many stereotypes about WV. Some think WV is just the western part of Virginia. However, WV is an important state in our great country. This coal mining state helped fuel the Industrial Revolution and maintains a place of importance today. WV History needs to be taught in our classrooms during the […]

Thalia – Education in WV

The West Virginia education system is surprisingly flawed and definitely has some things that should be changed. Primarily, the information public schools teach about the state’s history neglects important events in our history that are essential to understanding the state’s rich past. Many things should be introduced to history classes across the state, such as […]

Maraid: Single Story

Single Story By Maraid Johnson Everybody should know that there are unheard stories that include big ideas, sacrifices, and reasons. I am Maraid Johnson a sixth-grade student at Morgantown Learning Academy.  I want people to know that not only in popular stories are the people that make big differences like making a war end, solving […]

Mountain SOL Tuesday

Yesterday was Mountain SOL Tuesday! Because we spent a lot of time learning the last two weeks, Ms. Tesla and Ms. Bethany decided to have a day just to hike and explore the woods! Half of the 5-6 year old’s went with Ms. Tesla up to the Moon and to Maple Clearing! For some of […]

Mountain SOL class: Beginning Sur-thrival!

This past week was the Beginning Sur-thrival class! Ms. Stacy taught the class with the help of Ms. Tesla and Mr. Garrett and we learned a wide range of thriving in the woods and taking care of each other as a pack. Monday was our first day of learning about the outdoors! First we went […]