☀️Summer 2024☀️

This year we are adding an optional additional hour at the beginning and the ending of our workshops! For an additional cost ($30 each or $55 for both), students can stay with us for the hour before Morning workshops (8am-9am) and the hour after Afternoon workshops (4pm-5pm). This is intended to help parents who are busy during work hours!

For more information and to enroll click HERE

If you are new to Mountain SOL, please review these notes about how our Summer Camps work!

  • We offer traditional Summer Workshops that run for 4 days, Monday through Thursday. Some workshops are Half Day Camps, which either run 9am-12pm OR 1pm-4pm, and other workshops are Full Day Camps which run 9am-4pm. You can sign up for two matched Half Day Camps to build a Full Day camp. Our Mountain SOL Staff will provide a free lunch hour between 12pm and 1pm for all students who are signed up for two Half Day Camps.
  • For an additional cost ($30 each or $55 for both), we offer an extra hour before class for the morning workshops (8am-9am) and an extra hour after class for the afternoon workshops (4pm-5pm). This is intended to help parents who are busy during work hours!
  • You can see all our class dates and times on our Mountain SOL Calendar.
  • Our Summer Camps are generally organized into two age groups: Rising 2nd-5th grade and Rising 5th-12th grade. These age groups are designed to accommodate a range of child maturity, so please use your judgement to determine if your 5th grader would be a better fit with the younger age group or the older age group. These ages are not a hard cutoff, so if you have a student who is on the edge of the recommended age group for a class they want to take, send us an email at [email protected].
  • Our classes are held at three different locations depending on the week: our Mountain SOL Campus at Morgantown Learning Academy, Cooper’s Rock, or Chestnut Ridge Park and Campground.
  • Please make sure to be on time, because most of our summer camp groups will be hiking to a secondary location. If you have special timing needs, please send a message to the summer camp teachers and they will do their best to work around your needs.
  • Our sister-school, Morgantown Learning Academy, also offers many wonderful Summer Day Camp options,  check them out here!
  • We are delighted to be able to offer all of our campers one FREE TSHIRT!! These are our good soft t-shirts, which have a $20 value.
  • Pricing:
    Half-day workshops starting at $125 each
    Full-day workshops starting at $225 each
    2 matched Half Day Camps:  automatic discount of $225 together
    Sign up for 4 or more summer camps to receive a 10% discount on everything!
  • Ages 7 and up. Unfortunately we cannot accept students younger than 7 for insurance reasons.
  • All of our workshops are designed to cover a wide age range, and will provide different challenges for the age groups (or skill groups) where appropriate, so all of our students are challenged and engaged. We believe that it is socially healthy to mix students of all levels and ages where we can, to promote a team that works together with all of our unique skills!
  • Our summer camps require a minimum number of campers to run, so please help us fill workshops by recruiting your child’s friends to join them in their summer outdoor adventures!
  • Please note that we do offer scholarships on a need basis. Please refer to our scholarship page for all our scholarship information!
  • We are a peanut and tree nut free school. Please do not send your student with peanuts, tree nuts, peanut butter or products processed in a plant with peanuts!

Please enjoy our new Enrollment Portal, where you can see details for all our summer classes and figure out which workshops you want to enroll in!




We will be having options for early drop-off (8:00 am) and late pick-up (until 5:00 pm)
MTNSOL = Mountain SOL Campus at Morgantown Learning Academy
CRP = Chestnut Ridge Park
COOP = Cooper’s Rock
AM = 9:00 to 12:00
PM = 1:00 to 4:00


June 10th -13th
Tabletop Roleplaying Games – MTNSOL (5th Grade+) AM
Intro to Mallards – MTNSOL (2nd and 3rd Grade) PM

Fishing – CRP (All Ages) AM
Hamping – CRP (5th Grade+) PM
Mountaineering – CRP (2nd to 5th Grade) PM


June 14th – 15th
Hampout – CRP – (Open to Mountain SOL Alumni)


June 17th – 20th
Fire – MTNSOL (5th Grade+) AM
Camp Cooking – MTNSOL (5th Grade+) PM


June 24th – 27th
Navigation and Geocaching – COOP (5th Grade+) ALL DAY


July 1st-3rd, 5th
Forts and Wildry – MTNSOL (2nd to 5th Grade) ALL DAY


July 22nd – 25th
Off-Trail Navigation
– MTNSOL (5th Grade+) AM
Camo and Stealth – MTNSOL (5th Grade+) PM