2019 Summer Workshops

Mountain SOL™ is excited to announce our 2019 Summer Workshop Schedule!
Mountain SOL accepts registrations until workshops are full

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  • Workshops start the week of  June 10 and end the week of August 5
    Half-day workshops run Monday – Thursday (except where noted)
    Full-day workshops run Monday – Thursday (except where noted)
  • Half-day workshops:  $100 each
    Full-day workshops:  $170 each, except for Plants I & II and Mtn Medic I & II ($120 each)
    Sign up for 4 or more workshops and receive a 10% discount!
  • Optional Lunch Hour: $25/week for campers who are enrolled in both morning and afternoon workshops in the same week.
  • Ages 5 & up (Mountain SOL can accept campers older than 11-years-old)
  • Please note that we do offer scholarships on a need basis.  Please email us for more information.

NOTE:  Workshops require minimum 10 campers each!  Help us fill workshops by recruiting your child’s friends to join them in their summer outdoor adventures!

All workshops held on the campus of Morgantown Learning Academy (MLA), unless otherwise noted.
Students can enroll in Mountain SOL workshops only, or in conjunction with the MLA summer camp program (separate enrollments required).

Learn more about MLA summer camps here.  Map for MLA here.
Note:  MLA is a peanut free school.  Please do not send peanuts, peanut butter or products processed in a plant with peanuts!

Cheat Mountain Workshops:  Each summer Mountain SOL hosts students of varying skill levels to travel to our Cheat Mountain campus in Randolph County to practice survival skills, such as map-reading, fire-making and shelter building, in the Monongahela National Forest.  Our Cheat Mountain campus provides a unique environment where students can fully immerse themselves in a true wilderness setting!

Skills I is the entry level class.  Some students with more woods experience may be able to place into Skills II with instructor permission.  Scouts is an advanced class and is invitation only.  All applicants for Cheat Mountain should fill out an application to help us place students in the appropriate class.

 All workshops held at the Cheat Mountain campus are overnight.  Scroll below for details.


Workshop Schedule (Morgantown Campus at MLA)

Note about workshop ages:  Each workshop is taught in a multi-age system that provides opportunities for more experienced campers to advance their skills.

June 10 – 13 (Half-day):  Beginning Sur-thrival

1pm – 4pm, Ages 7 – 9
Begin your discovery on how to “sur-thrive” in the woods, Mountain SOL style! Scouts will be taught the basics of key sur-thrival™ fundamentals, including beginning mapping/navigation skills, creating shelters and basic knots, fire-building and camp-cooking basics, and gearing up your backpacks to be woods-ready. We’ll safely gain skills in groups and individually, and by week’s end, scouts will celebrate by setting up their own sur-thrival camps.
Instructors: Lauren Martin and Paula Taylor

June 17 – 20 (Half-day): Green Thumbs in the Garden

9am – 12pm, Ages 5 – 7
Join Ms. T for some gardening fun! We will use our senses to learn about the plants in our garden. Our senses of smell, taste, touch, and sight will be used to get to know our plant friends in the garden.
Instructor: Paula Taylor

June 20 – 21 (Full-day, Th-Fr):  Mountain Medic I + II

9am – 4pm, Ages 11 and up
Mountain Medic I will cover Scene Survey and the Primary survey ABCDEs as well as basic first aid. Mountain Medic I covers what the Zorros covered in Fall of 2018.  Mountain Medic II will cover secondary survey, SOAP notes, and taking vitals. This will be a hands-on class with scenarios, surprise helpers, and a small amount of information to review in the evening. Both levels are requirements for our Mountain Medic track through the Mountain Jaguares afterschool program.
Instructor: Jen-Osha Buysse

June 24 – 27 (Half-day):  Advanced Fire

1pm – 4pm, Ages 10 and up
Campers’ focus will be on making fires under wet conditions, making scout fires for safety and warmth, and continual development of campers’ fire-making kits. Campers also will learn more about native plants to use for fires. This class does not teach bow drill or hand drill fire-making but rather teaches to use skills under more demanding situations. While we take kids as young as 12, the subject matter is appropriate for high school students.
Instructors: Jen-Osha Buysse, Lauren Martin, Jason Ruehl

June 28 (One-day):  Filipino Martial Arts – Level 1

10am – 1pm, Ages 12 and up
FWD is the culmination of John Mouser’s years of training and experience, and is developed from Jeet Kune Do and the Filipino martial arts of Kali. The program focuses on weapon familiarization, teaching the student the essentials for using actual weapons (sticks), as well as improvised weapons such as branches, bottles, pipes, or anything that may become a life-saving asset in a threatening situation. Students learn essential reaction techniques to transform themselves from a victim mindset to a survivor mindset. They progress through training in reaction drills, countering & close-quarter drills. Students also train in the worst case scenario, what to do when you are unarmed and faced with a weapon.
Instructors: John Mouser

July 5 (One-day):  Filipino Martial Arts – Level 2

10am – 1pm, Ages 12 and up
Edged Weapons is the culmination of John Mouser’s years of training and experience, and is developed from Jeet Kune Do and the Filipino martial arts of Kali. 

Level 2 focuses on dual wielding, staves, and mass attacks. They progress through training in reaction drills, countering, close-quarter drills, and mass attack drills.
Instructors: John Mouser

July 8 – 11 (Half-day):  Tracking 101

9am – 12pm, Ages 7 – 9
This tracking class will be for the beginners among us. Campers will be able to learn the four ways animals move and tell-tale signs when tracking. By the end of this week, we’ll be able to follow a trail and determine what animal was walking through the property.
Instructor: Hannah Spencer

July 8 – 11 (Half-day): Slightly Dangerous Sur-thrival + Knife Safety

1pm – 4pm, Ages 9 – 12
This class will build on what is learned in Beginning Surthrival. With this class, students will work on improving their knot, tarp, and campsite skills while participating in surthrival scenarios. A knife safety component will be included in this course so students can begin to use knives safely during our camp.
Instructor: Lauren Martin 

July 12 (One-day):  Sumo Wrestling

10am – 1pm, Ages 12 and up
Sumo wrestling is not only the most distinct of Japan’s various martial arts, it is also the oldest. In this course, you will learn the fundamentals, exercises, rituals, and rules of the sport. In addition, one of the rudimentary aspects of Sumo wrestling is mastery of one’s emotions. Rikishi are expected to control their demeanor and persona in and out of the ring. Students will learn to win and lose without dramatics.

Students will be wrestling (Sumo) in this course.
Instructors: John Mouser

July 15 – 18 (Full-day):  Navigation Levels 2-4

9am – 4pm, Ages 9 and up
For this workshop, held at Coopers Rock State Forest, campers will be sorted into 3 groups according to their current level of navigation and map-reading skills:  beginning, intermediate and advanced. These classes can be used as credits for the mapping and navigation requirements in Mtn SOL afterschool programs.
Instructor: Jen-Osha Buysse

July 15 – 18 (Half-day):  Woodscraft and Wildry 101

9am – 12pm, Ages 5 – 7
Calling all young explorers and nature-lovers! This workshop is meant to acclimate our youngest scouts to being in the woods and how to observe nature more closely. Scouts will be led on a series of guided hikes and explorations to gain basic trail etiquette and plant identification skills.  Mountain SOL’s foundation of early outdoor leadership and self-responsibility will be highlighted, with plenty of safe, fun nature-time to enjoy.
Instructor: Hannah Spencer

July 19 (One-day):  Scottish Highland Games

10am – 1pm, Ages 12 and up
Highland games have been a part of Scotland’s culture for centuries and are now popular all over the world. The Games usually take place outdoors and involve traditional Highland sports such as tug o’war, stone put, caber toss and the throwing of weights for height/distance. In this course students will learn many of these skills and will be practicing them.

Instructors: John Mouser

July 22 – 25 (Half-day):  Woods-walking

9am – 12pm, Ages 5 – 7
In this workshop, we will be exploring the woods to learn about the big plants and animals, like trees and deer, as well as the smallest plants and animals, like moss and tardigrades. All of these living things work and live together in our woods! We’ll become super detectives and zoom in closely to the living world around us.
Instructor: Hannah Spencer

July 22 – 25 (Half-day):  Cooking 1

1pm – 4pm, Ages 10 – 15
This class will build on the fire-building skills learned in Advanced Fire. Campers will be learning some recipes to use at their campsites. We’ll go over which fires to use for optimal cooking potential, what gear and ingredients to bring, and how to create yummy concoctions for your next campout!  
Instructors: Lauren Martin and Paula Taylor

July 26 (One-day):  Strongman

10am – 1pm, Ages 12 and up
Strongman is a sport in which the athletes are tested (using various methods) to determine who is the strongest. It is all about true functional strength and power. This means lifting heavy, awkward objects and/org moving heavy, awkward objects from one place to another. Students will learn about the history of the sport, how to perform many of the lifts/events and how to utilize this style of training.

Instructors: John Mouser

August 5 – 8 (Half-day):  Forts, Forts, Forts!

9am – 12pm, Ages 7 – 15
Join Ms. Hannah in this multi-age workshop that is sure to be fun for everyone! One of our favorite things to do here at Mountain SOL is build forts and debris huts. Let’s use our imagination to create small and big forts on the property. We’ll learn how to use different natural materials to build our forts and experiment with the resources we have available in the area.
Instructor: Hannah Spencer

August 7 – 10 (Half-day, W-Sat):  Hamping for Happiness!

1pm – 4pm, Ages 9 and up
Discover the latest craze in outdoor adventure – “Hamping” – or camping with hammocks!  Campers will learn where best to set up hammocks, how to tie sturdy knots and how to hang tarps to sleep comfortably, warmly and safely outdoors all night.  Includes an overnight on the MLA campus on Friday evening and hamping certification. Both beginning and advanced students will learn more hamping skills in this workshop.
Instructor: Jen-Osha Buysse

Workshop Schedule (Cheat Mountain Campus – overnights)

July 22 – 26 (M-Fri):  Cheat Mtn Skills 1 and 2 (Scouts assist) – Skills 2 is Invite Only

Learn more here.

July 22 – 29 (Fri-M):  Cheat Mtn Scouts – Invite Only

Option for just July 26-29 if necessary.  Learn more here.

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