Giving Goats

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This year the Giving Goats Fundraiser Tournament, sponsored by The Morgantown Mountain Goats Disc Golf Club and Dynamic Discs, will be on SUNDAY April 2nd, starting at 9:30am and located at the Seth Burton Memorial Disk Golf Complex in Fairmont. We will meet at the start and end at the pavilion, hole 1 of the disk golf course.

Our Giving Goats Program, named after the Morgantown Mountain Goats, is responsible for funding our Mountain SOL scholarship program. Mountain SOL has never turned away a student for financial reasons, and this is because of our generous supporters, including local businesses that sponsor the Giving Goats event, supporters who donate and bid on auction items, and people who come and play at our Giving Goats disk golf tournament each year! And of course the generous nature and hard work of the Morgantown Mountain Goats Disc Golf Club. Please consider coming to play this year and helping us raise funds for our student scholarships!

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And check out our amazing scholarship program, that is completely funded by YOU and people like you contributing to Mountain SOL through our annual Giving Goats fundraiser!