In School Mountain SOL: Jan 19th and 26th

Hey hey MLA families!

We have been continuing to learn about moon phases as well as different signs of seasonal change. On Jan 19th we did an Oreo exercise to practice learning about the phases of the moon (we are sorry for the mushed bag of Oreos you probably received hahahaha). The kids did love it, though, even if Jen Osha can not look an Oreo in its moon face for years to come.  We have been asking the kids to pay attention to the moon and where it is at throughout this month. We like to use so they can see the phase each week and where and when it is rising, so please enjoy doing this with your kiddos!

We also have been paying attention to birds as signs of seasonal change. We looked for Cardinals who are easy to see because their bright colors stick out against the background.  Chickadees, on the other hand, are black and white and perfectly disguised against the snow so we have to find them by listening for their call. We were looking for those species because they are birds that don’t migrate fully south but stay around for the winter in our area. Since we know that, we know that if we see mainly those birds and few others that it’s still winter (whatever the groundhog might say haha). Even though they both hang out in the winter, they eat different things (you can tell a lot about what birds eat based on the shape of their beaks). We have bird feeders out for both of them– in fact, we made the feeders during our winter solstice party!

As always, thank you for the time with your kids!


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