Stewardship Begins!

We began our in-school stewardship projects this week! Every year MLA students choose a project that benefits the school in some way. Pre-K helped spread dandelion seeds in the yard. Kindergarten spread wildflower seeds around an area we call the Moon. (It’s a lot of dry, cracked soil that is just now coming back to life. Hence the name.) First grade collected stones for our labyrinth and found stones that they want to paint for the path! Second and Third grade combined and divided into two groups. One group worked to enhance the drainage of one of our natural spring and helped reinforce the embankment around our swamp garden. The rest of the group took pruning shears and began clearing the new growth out of the trail known as Everest!

In other news, we discovered that the Gel ant farms do not provide enough nourishment for the ants on their own so we began them on a diet of applesauce! (The ants are quite excited!) Now that they have more energy we hope to see more tunneling!

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