In School Mountain SOL: Feb 2nd and 9

Hello MLA families!

Wow, we have had some weather extremes these last two weeks.  We have gone out in the snow and then the next week been playing in the creek in short sleeved shirts!  Our afterschool animal tracking and photography class has been spilling over into our in school classes because our kids are so excited about the fox, coyote, raccoon, possum, and deer that have been photographed in class. We also continue to see our new owl friend. It feels like the animals on our property are as excited about us as we are about them! (I’m sure it helps that they are safe here on the property!).

Each week moving forward we are learning about a plant and a bird that we can find outside as spring makes its way to us. We also are weaving in a few last activities about the sun, earth, and moon as we plan around rain days! So far we have learned about cardinals, chickadees (ask your kiddo to do this call!), and the woodpeckers we typically see around campus: downy and hairy woodpeckers!

If you ever need to know what events are happening, you can check out our calendar tab above on our website.  Please put April 1 on your schedule for our annual Giving Goats Disc Golf Fundraiser!  As always, thank you for the time with your children!

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