In School Mtn SOL at MLA! Oct 13 and 20

Hello MLA families!

So….did your kids tell you about biocrust? Or perhaps sing to you about it? Well, we had an epic magic adventure experiencing first-hand how mother nature can heal herself. Along the way we were able to make observations and use our growing understanding of mountain ecosystems (spiced up with a sense of wonder) to appreciate the importance of biocrust. The exciting news is that after twenty years of little to no growth, the “moon” has started to regrow itself (look below for a picture of a locust tree!) due to the formation of a “biocrust” layer. This was an exciting discovery for all of us, adult humans included, especially when we all figured out why…

…biocrust needs to be undisturbed to grow…what happened that allowed this damaged area of our property to regrow?  The pandemic!

We were able to share and experience joy that we could see with our own senses how there was something beautiful that grew out of the difficult time that we have gone through. The earth literally grew a new layer of skin, and now there are flowers and trees.  What a gift that we were able to share.

Then last week, we celebrated what we learned by taking each class to a section of the property that they had not been to before! Some classes went to find the site of some old bones (!) and others discovered new paths, hiked up the very steep Everest trail, and the littles made it up to play at Maple Clearing!  Our Little Acorns were able to experience rock hopping across first clearing.

We are so very grateful for the time that we are able to spend outside learning together. We are also grateful for our parent volunteers =)


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