Mountain SOL Tuesday: Bats

Today is Mountain SOL Tuesday! We had the wonderful Malachia Evans joined Bethany and Tesla in teaching the MLA campers about bats and how they live on West Virginia’s birthday! The 5-6 year old class hiked around Birch Crossing to the outdoor learning park where they  learned about how bats can stay up at night […]

Cheat Mountain

Monday, June 19th we are forecasted a 90% chance of precipitation with an estimated 0.89 inches of rain, with a high of 65 degrees and a low of 49 degrees.  This is not unusual. This is Cheat Mountain. Sometimes I forget that this is a crazy place, the novelty gets lost on me since we […]

Mountain SOL Tuesday: Monarch Butterflies

Yesterday was Mountain SOL Tuesday! The MLA campers went with Tesla and Bethany to learn about monarch butterflies and what they need to migrate! The 5-6 year old class sat at the monarch mural and learned about how monarchs migrate from Canada to Mexico and back. They then looked at the monarch waystation and learned […]

Continue your Outdoor Education!

Are you curious about the natural world around you? Maybe a little jealous of the classes that the Mountain SOL student in your life gets to participate in? Well, Aurora Lights Herbal Medics has a summer packed full of workshops for adults and older children focusing on plants and mushrooms.  We will cover identification, cultivation, […]

Workshop last Week: Campside Cooking

Who needs a camp stove? Or a grill? Not us! This week we learned how to cook with nothing but wood and our fire kits! In this class, Jen taught us how to cook on a fire, using lightweight ingredients that we could easily fit into a backpack. We learned how to make oatmeal, survival […]

Mountain SOL Tuesday: Sundial

Yesterday was Mountain SOL Tuesday for the MLA campers! Every Tuesday, everyone gets to go on an outside adventure with Mountain SOL. This week, our theme was “Rock Around the Clock,” so we made a sundial! The 5-6s went with Katie and Liz to Birch Crossing, where we collected rocks. We hiked behind the Mountain […]

Workshop last Week: Self Defense

This past week was our Self Defense workshop! John Mouser taught us how to defend ourselves effectively and safely in different situations.   So far, we have learned tricks for escaping from wrist grabs, body grabs, and choke holds. We also learned how to distract the attacker with a well-placed hit before using the tricks to […]

Cheat Mountain

Last week was our Cheat Mountain trip. The scouts, skills students, Jen, and Oso the dog piled into cars and drove past Elkins and up Cheat Mountain. As we leaned out the windows with Oso and smelled the lovely fresh scent of true wilderness, we knew something amazing was coming. First, we had a quick […]

So What Exactly Is Cheat Mountain?

Everyone is getting excited for the upcoming Cheat Mountain trip! This is the most advanced Mountain SOL class we offer, and it is where Mountain SOL scouts go with Jen to live on Cheat Mountain for the week with Maureen, Ivan, and their dogs and their cat. There is no internet on Cheat Mountain, no phone […]

Workshop last week: What’s in Your Survival Pack?

Last week, we adventured outside with Maya to learn what types of things we should pack in our backpacks when we go into the woods! This class was aimed at teaching kids who are new to Mountain SOL how to pack a “survival pack,” a backpack that is full of things that are useful in the […]