Avant Evans – Stop Judging Others

Stop Judging Others

Stop judging people by using the phrase “not normal.” Everyone has a different perspective of what is normal. Using the phrase “not normal” to judge or to bully someone makes people feel bad about themselves. It makes people want to change who they are because they are being judged by what society says they should be.

I will be talking about why I think people should stop using the phrase “not normal”. The phrase “not normal” is a single story. A single story is when there is only one side of a story told or one perspective.  People are using the word “normal” to bully and this needs to stop because the word “normal”should be used properly. I will tell you why people use it incorrectly.

The word normal is a single story. I found that out in a class called Shattering Stereotypes. I learned it by watching a video called “The day of a single story” by Chimamaida Ngozi Adichie. A single story is when you think only one thing or take one perspective out of something. The word is a single story because society turned it into a toxic word. Society uses the phrase “not normal” in a bad way to say someone is different. There is nothing bad about being different. And being different is amazing. Society thinks everyone should be the same.  If you’re a girl and don’t wear makeup or a boy and like makeup most likely people think that’s “not normal”. Everyone is normal in their own way. What is normal to you is different than what others consider normal.

When you are acting yourself and living your life how you want to. When you are acting expressing yourself. If you like different toys or sports or even don’t like sports at all does that mean that you’re not normal? No, you are a boy who plays with dolls and wears what society calls girls clothes are you not normal if you’re just being you?  If you are a girl and hate dresses and don’t wear, make up is that not normal? No, you are just being you. The examples I gave are all normal things because normal is different to everyone.

Stop judging people for being themselves. It’s not right to bully or judge. When others judge it makes the other person feel really bad. They feel like they should change themselves. They are just trying to live their life that is normal to them.

There is not only one way to be normal. Everyone is normal and different at the same time. Everyone has a different life style and different religion, culture, house, even relationships. But that doesn’t mean they are not normal. They are just being themselves.

If you ever think about using the phrase “not normal” to judge or bully or discriminate against anyone think twice before you do it. Do you want people to feel bad or want to change who they are? They will be forced into changing their self because they have been called not normal. Do you want to be called not normal?









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