In School Mountain SOL: Jan 5 and 12

Hey MLA families!

We hope that you are all having a good start to your new year! Our first week back we decided to go explore a place that each class had not been to yet.  We keep some of the acreage generally off limits to the little humans so that it can provide habitat for our native animals….and also to always have that element of fun and discovery!  So we let our classes choose where to go…the Forbidden Forest, Narnia, or Raptor Field.

Students each shared or wrote down one of their favorite memories about Mountain SOL on index cards, sealed them in bags, and then we made them into temporary geocaches for a different class to find! Kids shared favorite memories such as playing in the creek, getting muddy, having hot cocoa, looking for coyote bones, seeing deer, and many more memories! It warmed our hearts.  Then last week we started a new unit on astronomy that will cover a few content standards for each class such as the phases of the moon, seasonal changes, and the movement of celestial objects.

We also enjoyed a late celebration of the winter solstice, led by two of our students! We invited all of the students to make their own masks. We included a picture of Mr Jason’s amazing, hand made mask. We have a talented crew!

Finally, there are some outdoor projects that we could use some help with.  If you are interested in helping, please send us an email at [email protected].  Thank you for the time with your kids!


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