Mountain SOL Tuesday

Yesterday was Mountain SOL Tuesday! Because we spent a lot of time learning the last two weeks, Ms. Tesla and Ms. Bethany decided to have a day just to hike and explore the woods! Half of the 5-6 year old’s went with Ms. Tesla up to the Moon and to Maple Clearing! For some of […]

Mountain SOL class: Beginning Sur-thrival!

This past week was the Beginning Sur-thrival class! Ms. Stacy taught the class with the help of Ms. Tesla and Mr. Garrett and we learned a wide range of thriving in the woods and taking care of each other as a pack. Monday was our first day of learning about the outdoors! First we went […]

Mountain SOL Tuesday: Bats

Today is Mountain SOL Tuesday! We had the wonderful Malachia Evans joined Bethany and Tesla in teaching the MLA campers about bats and how they live on West Virginia’s birthday! The 5-6 year old class hiked around Birch Crossing to the outdoor learning park where they  learned about how bats can stay up at night […]

Mountain SOL Tuesday: Monarch Butterflies

Yesterday was Mountain SOL Tuesday! The MLA campers went with Tesla and Bethany to learn about monarch butterflies and what they need to migrate! The 5-6 year old class sat at the monarch mural and learned about how monarchs migrate from Canada to Mexico and back. They then looked at the monarch waystation and learned […]