Mountain SOL Tuesday: Bats

Today is Mountain SOL Tuesday! We had the wonderful Malachia Evans joined Bethany and Tesla in teaching the MLA campers about bats and how they live on West Virginia’s birthday!

The 5-6 year old class hiked around Birch Crossing to the outdoor learning park where they  learned about how bats can stay up at night even though we do not. They also learned about where bats stay and what they need in order to sleep. We then went around looking at places    we could hang a bat box!

The Pre-K class went to the outdoor classroom to talk about bats, where they could live, and to scope out possible bat box trees. Right as we were about to leave the outdoor classroom we saw a gaggle of geese with goslings (A group of geese with babies)!

After lunch, the 7-8 year old class went to Maple Clearing to learn from Ms. Evans about what kinds of bats there are in West Virginia, where they live, what they eat, and answered every question the campers and teachers had! We also looked around for trees that bats could stay in and talked about what the bats did in the winter to stay warm and eat.

The 9-11 year old class also hiked up to Maple Clearing and played camouflage before we sat down and also learned from Ms. Evans about bats. We heard personal stories from our students about their experiences with bats and learned that the organization Ms. Evans works for takes bats out of houses as well as many other activities to help bats; such as setting up bat boxes and tagging bats to see how well they are doing!

Ms. Evans works for Allstar Ecology and we send her a HUGE thank you for coming out with us and teaching everyone something new and exciting about bats!

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