Mountain Zorros

The Mountain Zorros is a group for our students who have gained independence in the woods and built their teamwork skills and ability to work as a pack. These students have more responsibility and freedom in the woods and learn more advanced sur-thrival skills while beginning to develop leadership skills and further cultivating interpersonal skills. Our older Zorros are also eligible to start medic training and obtain their Wilderness First Aid certifications.

Please note:  Ms. T and Jen will determine which students will advance to from Mountain Zorros to Mountain Jaguares based on experience and level of personal and pack responsibility.

Fall 2019 Semester:
Begins August 27
Ends November 19 (no program week of September 24)
Tuesdays, 3:15p – 5:40p*
6th-8th graders (Or older students with no prior experience)
Cost:  $100-$150 per student
Become a Mountain Zorro! Sign up here.

*Study hall for MLA students will be 3:15p – 4p to allow time for public school and homeschool students to travel to MLA.  We will take off up the hill at 4p!  Parents, personal responsibility is a big part of this group, so remind your child to get ready but let them pack their own gear the night before.  We will be going outside in the cold weather so please email Jen if you have questions about gear.  Each child needs to bring a backpack with a water bottle or camel pack and a nut-free snack with label for each adventure.

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– Questions? Email Zorros Mentor Senora Jen at [email protected]

– To enroll your child, click here.

Why are we called the Mountain Zorros

The Mountain Zorros afterschool program, like the Mountain Jaguares, is tapping into Aurora Lights’ Ecuadorian roots.  Zorro means fox in Spanish.