Afterschool Enrollment

To enroll your child you will need to complete the general enrollment form (below) as well as submit emergency contact info, medical info and liability waiver (under “Enroll Today” tab).

Tuition is on a sliding scale within a range (see below).  Please pay what you can afford within those ranges; any amount above the maximum price will go towards scholarships and is tax-deductible.

2019 – 2020 School Year Prices (prices listed are per semester)
Mountain Mallards, $100 – $150
Mountain Mapaches, $100 – $150
Mountain Zorros, $100 – $150
Mountain Jaguares, $150 – $200

Once you hit “Submit” at the end of this form, you will be automatically directed to PayPal to make payment.  If you prefer to pay by check, simply exit out of PayPal. Send check, made payable to “Mountain SOL School,” to Sarah Hoblitzell at the mailing address below or drop it off at the Morgantown Learning Academy office. Please also make sure to complete the required Emergency Contact, Medical Info and Liability Waiver Form found under the main “Enroll Today” tab.  If you have questions, please email Sarah at [email protected]

Sarah Hoblitzell, Afterschool Coordinator
Mountain SOL School
130 Discovery Place
Morgantown, WV 26501

2019 Afterschool Enrollment

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  • Please include a preferred name or nickname for child when applicable.
  • Date of Birth is required.
    Date of BirthAge (at beginning of semester)GenderSchool
  • To add additional parents or guardians, click the plus sign on the right. At least 1 phone number is REQUIRED for each person.
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  • Mtn SOL communicates with parents/guardians primarily through email. At least 1 email is required.
  • Please indicate afterschool program your child will attend. Additionally, please note the following and sign below.

    Once my child is registered in Mountain SOL afterschool, I agree to pay for the full semester tuition I have indicated on the attached form, at the rate indicated.

    Mountain SOL will keep enrollment open for all programs until filled.
  • Please check one of the following:
  • A complete and updated emergency form must be on file with Mountain SOL prior to attending afterschool programs (see Emergency Contact form for additional details.)

  • By typing your name and clicking the submit button it constitutes a legally binding signature just like a handwritten one.