Wildcraft Wednesdays Syllabus

Wildcraft Wednesdays Spring 2022
4:00 to 5:30


March 9th – Hiking!
It’s the first day of class since Winter break! Let’s just hike the property and see what’s going on and how things have changed!

March 16th – Spring Break
No classes! Enjoy your break!

March 23rd – Andy Goldsworthy and Shapes in Nature
We’re going to watch a quick video about the artist Andy Goldsworthy and his art that uses found materials in the wilderness. Then we’re going to go out and make some of our own, focusing on shape and movement.

March 30th – Different Materials for Art
Last week we learned about making art from found materials. This time we are going to challenge ourselves a bit and divide into three groups. Each group will make an art piece using only one of three materials: sticks, rocks, or leaves!

April 6th – Gathering Pigment and Grinding
Did you know that you can gather pigments from DIRT and ROCKS? Today we’re going to gather materials from around campus and process them so we can make paints later!

April 13th – Feather Paintbrushes
Yes, you read that correctly. Paintbrushes made from FEATHERS! If we have time, we can also make dip-pens from Elder branches!

April 20th – Natural Canvasses
Time to use the pigments that we processed two weeks ago! We will mix them in three different mediums for students to try: water, oil, and egg whites. Which one works best?

April 27th – Making Music
What can we use to make music in nature? How do different materials, shapes, and lengths change the tone?

May 4th – Noise Makers
Time to make some noise! We construct Buzzsaw spinners and play with Bull Roarers in class!

May 11th – Toad Homes
Lets go play by the creek and make stone structures called Toad Homes! Maybe something will move in!

May 18th – the Labyrinth
Did you know that we have a labyrinth on campus? Let’s rebuild it and make it pretty so everyone can enjoy it!

May 25th – Graduation
Let’s show the parents all the fun things we’ve done this semester! We’ll start by taking a walk through the outdoor classroom to show off the labyrinth, then hike to the bars to the toad homes, and then back to the outdoor classroom to have out closing ceremonies!