Summer 2020 K – 2nd Grade

Enrollment coming soon!


July 6 – 9 (Half-day):  Woodscraft and Wildery

9am – 12pm, grades K – 2

Calling all young explorers and nature-lovers! This workshop will acclimate our youngest scouts to being in the woods and observing the natural world more closely. Students will be led on guided hikes and exploration missions and will learn basic trail etiquette, plant identification skills, and the  foundation of early outdoor leadership and self-responsibility will be highlighted, with plenty of safe, fun nature-time to enjoy.

Instructors: Bethany Boback, Bella Zucker

Cost: $105


July 6 – 9 (Half-day):  Intro to Mountain Mallards

1pm – 4pm, grades K – 2

Join us this week for a fun introduction to the Mountain Mallards! This class gives you a taste of our first after-school program. Our instructor Benjamin Tower is one of our first Mountain SOL graduates of both the Scout Track and the Medic Track (see a description of our tracks here), and he currently teaches Mountain Mallards. If you have just reached the age where you can join Mallards, come with us to see what it’s all about! Benjamin will take you adventuring in the woods, to learn about our world through discovery and fun.

Instructor: Benjamin Tower

Cost: $105


Take both Woodscraft and Wildery and Intro to Mallards, plus the $25 lunch hour, to build a full-day workshop from 9am-4pm Monday through Thursday!


July 13 – 16 (Half-day):  Green Thumbs in the Garden

9am – 12pm, grades K – 5

Join Ms. T for some gardening fun! We will use our senses to learn about the plants in our garden. Our senses of smell, taste, touch, and sight will be used to get to know our plant friends in the garden.

Instructors: Paula Taylor

Cost: $105


July 15 – 16 (Two-day):  Butterflies, Moths, and Gardens

9am – 12pm, grades K – 5

In this workshop, we will not only safely capture, identify and observe the most delicate of our flying insects, we will spend time planting and tending to the gardens that encourage our flying friends to return each year. This workshop includes identifying native host plants and discussing various life cycles involved in this relationship. Each participant will leave with their own “starter pollinator garden.”

Instructor: Bethany Boback

Cost: $50


Take both Green Thumbs in the Garden and Butterflies, Moths, and Gardens, plus the $25 lunch hour, to build a full-day workshop from 9am-4pm Wednesday and Thursday!


July 20 – 23 (Half-day):  Woods-Walking

9am – 12pm,  grades K – 5

In this workshop, we will be exploring the woods to learn about the big plants and animals, like trees and deer, as well as the smallest plants and animals, like moss and tardigrades. All of these living things work and live together in our woods! We’ll become super detectives and zoom in closely to the living world around us.

Instructors: Paula Taylor

Cost: $105