Walking Stick Class

Have you ever seen Jason’s beautiful walking stick? Did you know he made it? Now he has put together this class, so you can make one too! The class will be released as access to exclusive online video content starting November 8th, and class will include two optional in-person social distance meetings. In the videos, Jason will go over techniques for selecting a stick, crafting, carving, sanding, polishing, and sealing.

Payment is a sliding scale from $20-$80. You will also need to obtain or purchase some supplies:

  1. A stick to work with (Obviously! We also have a VERY limited supply of sticks for students who can’t otherwise locate one.)
  2. A locking-blade pocket knife and/or a fixed blade knife (You MUST have has at least Knife Safety 1)
  3. A wood saw of some sort
  4. Sandpaper in various grits from 100 grit up to 1000 grit (You can find a variety pack in most hardware supply stores. The 1000 grit sandpaper can be found at automotive supply stores, but won’t be needed until the very end.)
  5. A bottle of Tru Oil (Found in the gun-care section of Wal-Mart. It’s used for finishing gun stocks, but works great for walking sticks!)
  6. Plant- or Nut-based oil, ie olive oil (This is used on the walking stick between times that you work on it. It helps prevent the wood from drying too quickly, which leads to cracking.)
  7. Hatchet (Optional. It’s not necessary but I will be showing techniques on how to use it for roughing out the walking stick)
  8. Wood Rasp (Optional, though it makes things a bit easier when finishing knots from branches)
  9. Epoxy Glue (Optional, though this will help if your walking stick starts to crack. Even Jason has had to use this!)
  10. A compass (Optional. Like the one you use in math class to make circles!)

*Note: Students must have had Knife Safety I or the equivalent to take this class.