Mountain SOL had a fabulous first semester!

We are so very pleased with our first semester of Mountain SOL.

This semester we offered both an in-school program for students at the Morgantown Learning Academy as well as afterschool programs open to all local students.

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Our In-School Mountain SOL program worked with Morgantown Learning Academy classroom teachers, from Pre-K 3 through Middle School, on a weekly basis.  In our first semester of Fall 2014, we learned about:

  • The four components of wildlife habitat
  • How to use those components to design our own Wild Yards
  • Team building skills (through group activities on our trails!)
  • Food webs and food chains specific to our our forests
  • A local animal that each class wanted to learn more about (squirrel, owl, beaver, fox, raccoon, coyote, black snake, and bobcat)
  • Threatened and endangered species in West Virginia through the Shh…Listen! Art exbihit
  • Different kinds of owls, their calls, and all about the bones in their pellets!

We are already off to a great start this semester learning about why Monarchs have migrated, and where they migrated to!  Please enjoy some pictures below from our in school program at MLA:
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Left:  The animals that each class choose to learn more about!  Right:  Kindergarten learning about beavers!

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5th grade looking for animal signs to determine what type of habitat we have….and what they want to create!

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