March 29: Free-Range Fitness

We had an absolutely perfect spring day. You could not ask for better weather to spend time wander all over the woods with no shoes on.

We started out the class with a warm-up…free-range style.Jpeg




Then, we followed it up with a hike up the hill. We paused for our snack break on a bare, clay area, and spent some time planning additions to the free-range athletic equipment. During our discussion, it was discovered that a few of our group were not experienced in tree climbing (myself and my daughter included).  The immediate consensus was that our lack of expertise needed to be remedied. So, we continued up the hill to a favorite climbing tree, and our education began.

It took some illustration and a good bit of coaching, and one of the group made his first official climb. My daughter and I both tried, but were not successful…this time. There a many trees available and it is never too late to learn how high you can climb! Who knows, maybe by the end of the spring, we’ll all be perching like monkeys. Every class is a new opportunity for new experiences and lots of fun learning how to move your body to a new level – without a gym.


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