March 16: Free-Range Fitness



Another beautiful spring day; perfect for spending time outside.  What better way to prepare yourself for your next marathon (or your next marathon hiking adventure) than to run or crawl up and down a clay embankment!

The students practiced climbing under the “overhang.” Then they had lots of fun running and jumping over the “hole” and avoiding the “cliff,” even when they slid on the muddy ground. Afterwards, they went “hunting” by practicing javelin throws at a cone “rabbit.”

The final adventure for the day was learning to properly lift and carry heavy logs for the the next time they need a campfire. And then, properly throwing them, because you never know when you’ll need to throw something heavy (plus, it’s fun to do).

As usual, time flew, and the students were not ready for it to come to an end. Even though they were working hard, not one complained. The most effective exercises are the ones that you don’t know you are doing, and when you are just hanging with your friends, it doesn’t matter that you are getting cardio or strengthening your biceps. All that matters is that you were able to land that jump and you didn’t fall over the “cliff.”


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