Free-Range Fitness/Self-Defense

The concept is simple: move naturally in nature. This class will explore the foundational concepts of movement and fitness in their most natural environment, nature itself.  Lifting, climbing, crawling, squatting, balancing, hanging, running, and jumping all will be included in ways that are uncommon in a typical fitness class. This will be a fun and playful environment meant to help cultivate a joyful relationship with nature by building competence in our own bodies to enjoy it fully.

We also will continue the incorporation of self-defense with our Free Range Fitness program.  Through games, instruction and fun, students will gain skills to deal with bullying in the right way.  The answer is not always violence.

This program is a great opportunity for students to improve their balance and coordination, strength and agility while boosting their self-confidence and self-esteem.

Spring 2018 Semester:
Begins February 28
Ends May 23 (no program weeks of April 2 & April 16)
Wednesdays, 3:15p – 5:30p*
3rd graders and up
Cost:  $100 – $150 per student
Enroll your child in Free Range Fitness here.

See photos below to see Free Range Fitness in action.

*Study hall for MLA students will be 3:15p – 4p to allow time for public school and homeschool students to travel to MLA.  We will start our outdoor activities at 4p! Each child needs to bring a backpack with a water bottle or camel pack and a nut-free snack with label for each adventure.

Note on dressing for Free Range Fitness from Instructor Buddy Guthrie:  Unrestrictive movement is the goal.  Wear flexible clothing so all joints of the body move free.  For shoes, the more freely the foot can mold to what it is standing on the better.  Since barefoot is not an option, minimalist shoes are ideal – something with a flexible sole where the foot can feel the ground.  Contact Buddy directly with any questions about the program and/or what to wear ([email protected]).

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Would your child be interested in joining Free-Range Fitness/Self-Defense?

– The afterschool program meets every week at Morgantown Learning Academy but is open to all students (public and homeschool as well!).  This program runs on Wednesdays in Spring 2017, March – May.

– Questions? Email Free-Range Mentor, Buddy Guthrie, at [email protected].

– To enroll your child, click here.