Winter Scouts Intensive

Our Winter Scouts Intensive program is a group that meets during the cold weather months of January and February, when our normal fall/spring classes are inactive. This is a multi-age program for Mountain Mapaches and older. Ask Jen about special instructor permission if you have a youngster interested in adventuring in the snow. With the multi-ages, younger kids can be mentored and older kids will be allowed substantial freedom.

We will winter track, make an igloo if there is enough snow, and generally learn how to thrive in and enjoy the winter. We will go out in temperatures down to 13 degrees; this limit is based on school insurance. All participants must know how to dress for the cold weather and be responsible for themselves in this weather.

This is an opportunity for our kids of different ages who are enthusiastic and hardcore about winter mountain weather to have an incredible experience together. Therefore, we are asking only for a donation of your choice to enroll your child.

Students who are not excited about being outside in the cold and snow, and who are not able to consistently pack their packs and take responsibility for themselves, should NOT sign up for this class.  If you would like Jen’s input about whether your child should participate, please feel free to contact her directly at [email protected]

Meeting time: Thursdays for 7 weeks, January – February 2020

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