Winter Programming

We will be offering two programs during our winter semester:  Winter Scouts Intensive and Practical Herbalism.  These classes meet during the cold weather months of January and February, when our normal fall/spring classes are inactive.

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fire-in-the-snow-winter-scouts-2016Winter Scouts Intensive

Our Winter Scouts Intensive program is a multi-age program for Mountain Mapaches and older. Ask Jen about special instructor permission if you have a youngster interested in adventuring in the snow. With the multi-ages, younger kids can be mentored and older kids will be allowed substantial freedom.

We will winter track, make an igloo if there is enough snow, and generally learn how to thrive in and enjoy the winter. We will go out in temperatures down to 13 degrees; this limit is based on school insurance. All participants must know how to dress for the cold weather and be responsible for themselves in this weather.  This is an opportunity for our kids of different ages who are enthusiastic and hardcore about winter mountain weather to have an incredible experience together.

Students who are not excited about being outside in the cold and snow, and who are not able to consistently pack their packs and take responsibility for themselves, should NOT sign up for this class.  If you would like Jen’s input about whether your child should participate, please feel free to contact her directly at [email protected]

4-5:45 pm at 130 Discovery Place, MLA Campus
Thursdays for 7 weeks, January 6- February 17 2022
Cost: $105 ($15 per class)
Ages: Mapaches or up, 9+

Practical Herbalism

Join Lauren for 6 classes as we learn to make the essential medicines that our students have found to be the most useful in the woods! In this class we will: safely and consistently identify 5 – 10 medicinal plants, make and safely use a plaster or poultice, infuse a tea for sleep, create a wound wash, and craft a basic materia medica with expertise in one plant. Anyone interested in plants is welcome to join us- no prior herbalism experience required! We will take our time to help students learn what they need to know about each plant to create a strong root structure for field use and further study.  If you are part of our Mountain Medic certification, this class does count as the herbalism component.

4-5:45 pm at 130 Discovery Place, MLA Campus
Mondays for 6 weeks, January 10 – February 21 2022 with MLA day off (Jan 17)
Cost: $145 ($15 per class plus $40 for supplies)
Ages: 11-100.  This is a great class to take with your kid!


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