🌳-2023 Adult Classes- 🌲


Assisted Campout

June 24th to 25th – Chestnut Ridge Park

Cost: $80 (Includes one adult and one child) +$30 per additional person

Have you wanted to camp like your kids ever since they started Mountain SOL classes? Now is your chance! Let THEM teach you the ropes with the assistance of Mountain SOL instructors! Hang a hammock and tarp, start a fire, and cook your own dinner! Basically, it’s a relaxing campout with the Mountain SOL instructors there to help if you need it!

We can provide hammocks and tarps if necessary. We will also provide materials for a hotdog cookout and s’mores.

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Have you ever seen our Mountain SOL classes and said “I want to do that, too!” Now is your chance! This Summer Mountain SOL will be teaching three exclusive adult-level classes! (You must be over 18 to take these classes!)


June 10th, 10am to 4pm – Chestnut Ridge Park

Cost: $150 per Person

Do you want to learn how to establish a campsite, build a fire, cook over open flame, and keep your stuff safe from animals? With this class you will go from Couch Potato to Badass in one day! (Or at least allow you to keep up with your kids!) Lunch will be provided as part of the lesson. This class will include:

  • Where to Camp
  • Hammocks for Camping
  • Tarp Shelters
  • Firewood, Fire Pits, and Campfires
  • Cooking over an open flame
  • Latrines
  • Tools of the trade
  • Campsite Safety

Note: this is an introductory level course suited to beginners and amateurs alike.



Zombie Apocalypse Preparation

June 15th to June 16th – Chestnut Ridge Park

Cost: $300

Ok, so the zombie part is totally just a gimmick to get people to pay attention! Now that you’re listening, this class is an intensive lesson on disaster preparedness. Whether it be natural or man-made disasters, there are some basic steps and essential tasks that will help to keep you and your family safe. In this class you will learn:

  • How to forage plants for food and medicine
  • Foraging from your kitchen cabinets
  • Water purification methods
  • What is necessary for a basic first aid kit
  • Nutrition in survival situations
  • Basic shelter and fire
  • Tools and equipment (and how to makeshift tools!)
  • Site security
  • Sneaking, camouflage, blinds, and scout fires

Dinner will be provided as part of this class. Cooking it will be part of the lesson. If you have dietary restrictions, please let us know. We will be preparing vegetarian options as well as low-gluten and gluten-free foods. Lunch and Breakfast will be your responsibility.

Note: This is an advanced level course. You must be familiar with the basic techniques taught in the Couch 2 Badass class. If you have any questions, please e-mail us at: [email protected]