2021 Summer Workshops

Mountain SOL’s In-person Summer 2021 Classes!

We are thrilled to announce our in-person summer schedule! We will be taking additional precautions to do our best to mitigate the spread of COVID-19, including adding a requirement for students to submit a COVID-19 release form prior to class. Please note that we will NOT have classes at our MLA campus, and instead have our summer camps at varying locations including Coopers Rock and Chestnut Ridge. Sign up here!


Adult and Child Wellness Walk (location varies):

June 11, June 18, June 25, July 2, July 23, July 30, August 6 (Friday), 2pm-4pm. All ages. Donation.

Get outside with your kiddos! There will be some easy, flat, paved walks and some off the beaten path to accommodate a variety of walking abilities, as well as those who use strollers or wheelchairs. We ask that if you can donate to cover staff time, please do, but if not that’s ok. We will talk about safe plants and plants to avoid, outdoor safety for kids of a variety of ages, and anything cool we find along the path!

Instructor/s: Lauren Martin


Hamping and Tarps (at Chestnut Ridge):

June 11-12 (Friday-Saturday), 4pm (Friday) -12pm (Saturday). Ages 9 and up. $80. 

In this overnight workshop, discover the latest craze in outdoor adventure – “Hamping” – or camping with hammocks!  Campers will learn where best to set up hammocks, how to tie sturdy knots, and how to hang tarps to sleep comfortably, warmly, and safely outdoors all night. 

Instructor/s: Katie Zucker, Jen-Osha Buysse


Navigation (at Cooper’s Rock):

June 14-17 and July 19-22 (Monday-Thursday), 9am – 4pm. Ages 9 and up. $175. 

For this workshop, campers will be sorted into three groups according to their current level of navigation and map-reading skills: beginning, intermediate and advanced. These classes can be used as credits for the mapping and navigation requirements in Mtn SOL afterschool programs.  You may absolutely take both weeks of the class and learn different skills each time!

Instructor/s: Bella Zucker, Jen-Osha Buysse, Benjamin Tower


Summer Solstice Celebration (At Chestnut Ridge):

June 18th, 5 pm to 10 pm.  Families welcome!  Adult required for 10 and under

Come join us to celebrate the summer!  It is a pot luck so come out and enjoy!  More details will come in email as we get closer to the date.  Donation only.


Forts, forts, forts! (at Chestnut Ridge):

June 21-24, July 26-29 (Monday-Thursday), 9am – 12pm. Ages 7 and up. $105.

Come play in the woods with us and build stick forts! In this class, students experience the world of natural structures and have the space to experiment with and enjoy nature while being given guidance and kept safe and happy by our instructors.  Please note that you can be an older student and have the time of your life in this class.

Instructor/s: Bella Zucker, Benjamin Tower


Basic and Advanced Fire (at Chestnut Ridge):

June 21-24 (Monday-Thursday), 1pm – 4pm. Ages 9 and up. $105.

In this class, students will be sorted into groups based on previous skill and experience with fire-building. Basic fire students will learn the introductory techniques of starting and maintaining a fire, while Advanced fire students will expand on their knowledge and learn more difficult and varied fire-building techniques.

Instructor/s: Jen-Osha Buysse


Wildcrafting 101 (at Snake Hill WMA):

June 25 (Friday), 4:30pm – 6:30pm. Ages 9 and up through adult. $45.

Hikers will walk along the rough gravel path and open fields at Snake Hill WMA to learn how to properly identify and sustainably harvest enough wild plants to craft their own herbal tincture*! You will leave class with your own mason jar full of wildcrafted goodness and instructions for finishing the process at home. All materials included!                             (*if you’re avoiding alcohol there is an option to switch to herbal vinegar with prior planning)

Instructor/s: Lauren Martin


Herbalism- Internal Preparations (at Chestnut Ridge):

June 28 – July 1 (Monday-Thursday), 6pm – 9pm. Ages 10 and up through adult. $105. 

This is part 2 of our herbalism series but you can start here with a little catch up info! We will discuss using herbs as medicine internally in a variety of ways, with a few samples of medicine we make in class to take home!

Instructor/s: Lauren Martin


Cheat Mountain Skills 1 and 2 (at Cheat Mountain):

July 2-6 (Friday-Tuesday), all-day/overnight. Invite-only. $300.

In this intense, multi-day, overnight camp, our invited students will learn be sorted into Skill 1 and Skills 2 based on age and previous skill/experience. All students will learn and practice a variety of sur-thrival skills, including fire, shelter, water, wild foraging, and navigation.

Instructor/s: Bella Zucker, Jen-Osha Buysse, Benjamin Tower, Ivan Stiefel


Cheat Mountain Practicum and Scouts (at Cheat Mountain):

July 8-11 (Thursday-Sunday), all day/overnight. Invite-only. $200.

In this intense, multi-day, overnight camp, our invited students will be sorted into Practicum and Scouts based on previous skill/experience. Practicum students will practice and apply their sur-thrival skills in order to live in a primitive camp, and Scouts students will learn and practice advanced sur-thrival skills, such as group communication and advanced navigation.

Instructor/s: Katie Zucker, Ivan Stiefel, Jen-Osha Buysse, Elijah Wellings-Osha


Herbalism- Salves (at Chestnut Ridge):

July 17 (Saturday), 12pm – 4pm. Ages 12 and up through adult. $50.

In this class, students will learn the basics of making your own herbal healing salve. Participants will go home with their own tin of salve at the end of class!

Instructor/s: Lauren Martin


Camo and Stealth (at Chestnut Ridge):

July 26-29 (Monday-Thursday), 1pm – 4pm. Ages 9 and up. $105.

In this class, students learn the basics of how to camouflage themselves and be sneaky in the woods. They will also learn a technique for walking safely and quietly while barefoot! This camp includes lots of camo/stealth games to help students learn on the job and enjoy the educational process.

Instructor/s: Bella Zucker, Benjamin Tower


Camping 101 for Adults (at Chestnut Ridge):

August 7 (Saturday), 10am – 4pm. Adults (non-distracting children welcome). $80.

If you’ve always wanted to camp but never learned how and would appreciate tips to not set your tent on fire (and how to pitch a tent in the first place), join us! No judgement, just a laid back class with camping basics and making super simple campfire snacks. (Let us know about dietary restrictions and allergies)

Instructor/s: Lauren Martin