The Weeds Can Heal

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This is our first adult workshop offered as part of Aurora Lights’ Herbal Medic Chapter. The Aurora Lights Herbal Medic chapter is an extension of Herbal Medics, an herbalism and survival school that focuses on providing an extensive education in practical, clinical herbalism and herbal first aid, wilderness and urban survival, wilderness first responder and wilderness first aid, homesteading and self-sustainability skills and much more.

This class is donation-based because this workshop is a “trial-run”. We ask that participants be patient with us; we are a work-in-progress. Student input is much appreciated. Come join us in making herbal workshops a common part of our operation! Donations will help cover the costs of our new Herbal Medic chapter’s supplies, outreach, and herbal clinics.

The Weeds Can Heal

Dates: Friday, July 8; Monday, July 11; Monday, July 18; Monday, July 25

Time: 5:00p – 7:00p

Location: 147 Birch Hollow Road Morgantown, WV

Class Description: The Weeds Can Heal will be a 4-day course that teaches participants what herbal medicines to add to their first aid kits and how to prepare these medicines.

Friday, July 8 – Walkthrough of Medicine Garden and Intro to the Herbal First Aid Kit

— We’ll do an introduction of herbal medicine while we visit the healing plants in the Medicine Garden. The instructors will also discuss what herbal products they keep in their first aid kits and why these items are valuable. Each student will receive a packet of herbal information.

Monday, July 11 – Harvest/Dry/Poultice

— We’ll learn how to correctly harvest and dry our plants as well as learn how to poultice and why it is beneficial. Each student will go home with dried plant material packaged and ready to be used as a poultice.

Monday, July 18 – Infused Oils/Salves

— We’ll learn how to create infused oils with the herbs we harvest. We’ll also be making salves with already-prepared infused oils. Each student will be going home with three tins of salve.

Monday, July 25 – Tinctures/ First Aid Kit/ Debrief

— We’ll learn how to create tinctures, when to use them, and why they are useful. Each student will go home with a two tinctures to add to their kit. We’ll also be doing a recap of what we added to our first aid kits and how to use these items. To finish, we’ll have a debrief and welcome feedback about the class.