Inschool Programs at MLA

Since Fall 2014, Mountain SOL has been providing weekly, inschool programs at the Morgantown Learning Academy (MLA).  Every Thursday, Mountain SOL takes every MLA class (PreK3 – 8th grade) outside for lessons, applying environmental education principles to standards that normally are taught in the classroom.

Our year-long project in 2015-2016 is the development of the West Virginia Seasonal Wheel.  Seasonal wheels are visual diagrams that incorporate concepts of phenology – the study of cyclic and seasonal natural phenomena, especially in relation to climate and plant and animal life.  The quarters of the wheel represent each season and within each season is information on what is happening with WV native plants and animals and local climate.

We’re also adding an element that is unique among seasonal wheels – what are traditional Appalachian cultures doing during the seasons?  This reinforces understanding of how plants, animals and climate affect human communities and vice-versa.

Check out pictures from our in-school activities!

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