Second week of Mountain Jaguares

Today in Mountain Jaguares we worked on compass skills and we found which way was north. Next we showed the domino effect (which is when our front scout is to close to our snake scout and we all fall down) then we showed what Not to do if there where a bear…to scream and shout and let it all out!   Finally we showed them what to really do when there is a bear.  See the picture below of our teacher coming out of the woods pretending to be a bear, and we all get together and act like a big animal!

So for our assignment, we have pictures of ourselves hiking in our favorite spots….and also, the animal that we saw that we want to share with our online friends is….our teacher, the bear!  lol










Bear drill on left, learning to use a compass on the right, our contaminated West Run Creek bottom left, and our teachers Jen-Osha, Liz, and Bethany!





And here is a picture of us with our teacher Hannah looking at pictures of you all, our online friends!  We are excited to hear more from you!


Written by Benjamin and Elijah, 9/20/2014




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