Mountain Jaguares

The Mountain Jaguares is an advanced club that focuses on practicing and expanding the “surthrival” skills that we have learned in Mallards, Mapaches, and Zorros: tracking, tree and plant id, shelter and fire making, wildlife habitat creation, wilderness first aid and good stewardship practices. Students at this level are able to work through scenarios as a pack as well as begin to think about responsibility to their greater community and natural areas.

Each Jaguare will need a day pack, water bottle or camel pack, nut free snack, a compass, whistle on a cord, and other survival materials and books that they will receive in class.  Students will need to be well prepared for cold and wet weather.

Jaguares – Provider Path

This year, we are focusing on a new path: the Provider Path! To see a description of the Mountain SOL Paths, click here.

The Provider path is a unique set of lessons which focus on establishing and maintaining campsites, hiking trails, and wilderness management. Students learn a variety of skills such as campfire cooking, splitting and stacking firewood, trailblazing, wildcrafting, and watershed maintenance.

Fall 2019 Semester:
Begins August 29
Ends November 21
Thursdays 5:00p – 6:40p*
6th graders and up (prior experience required)
Cost: $150-$200 per student
Become a Mountain Jaguar! Sign up here.


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The Mountain Jaguares created a video for Mountain SOL’s Biodiversity Advocates for the Mountains (BAM) project. The BAM! project was funded by the Melinda Gray Ardia Environmental Foundation. Watch our video to learn how to survey for large predators in your neck of the woods!


Questions? Email Jaguares Mentor, Jen-Osha Buysse, at [email protected]

To enroll your child, click here.

Why are we called the Mountain Jaguares

Because of Aurora Lights’ Ecuadorian roots, we incorporate Spanish into our Mountain SOL programs. The students chose the name Mountain Jaguares instead of Mountain Lions.