2018 Summer Workshop Enrollment Forms

Enrollments will continue throughout the summer until workshops are filled!

Below is a link to the form required for enrolling your child in Mountain SOL Summer Workshops.  Please download, print, complete and mail form plus deposit payment to secure your child’s place.  Additional information on Deposits and Full Payments can be found on the first page of form.  Please make checks payable to “Mountain SOL School”.
*Note:  Campers also attending MLA Summer programs can have their MLA Emergency Contact form used for Mountain SOL.  Please see additional information on page 1 of Mtn SOL Enrollment Form.

Please mail form and payment to:
Liz Wiles
Mountain SOL School
66 Eddy Rd
Morgantown, WV  26501

Questions?  Email or call Liz at:
[email protected]

MtSOL Summer Enrollment Form

We recommend that you make copies of completed forms for your own records.