2018 Summer Workshops

Mountain SOL™ is excited to announce our 2018 Summer Workshop Schedule!
Mountain SOL accepts registrations until workshops are full



  • Workshops run weekly, June 18 through August 6
    Half-day workshops run Monday – Thursday (except where noted)
    Full-day workshops run Monday – Friday
  • Half-day workshops:  $100 each
    Full-day workshops:  $170 each
    Sign up for 4 or more workshops and receive a 10% discount!
  • Ages 5 & up (Mountain SOL can accept campers older than 11-years-old)

All workshops held on the campus of Morgantown Learning Academy (MLA), unless otherwise noted.
Students can enroll in Mountain SOL workshops only, or in conjunction with MLA summer camp program (separate enrollments required).  Learn more about MLA summer camps here.  Map for MLA here.
Note:  MLA is a peanut free school.  Please do not send peanuts, peanut butter or products processed in a plant with peanuts!

Note regarding prices: We had to raise them $10 from last year due to increased insurance cost.  We always try to keep our prices as low as possible!  Please note that we do offer scholarships on a need basis.  Please email us for more information.

Cheat Mountain Workshops:  Each summer Mountain SOL hosts students of varying skill levels to travel to our Cheat Mountain campus in Randolph County to practice survival skills, such as map-reading, fire-making and shelter building, in the Monongahela National Forest.  Our Cheat Mountain campus provides a unique environment where students can fully immerse themselves in a true wilderness setting!

Skills I is the entry level class.  Some students with more woods experience may be able to place into Skills II with instructor permission.  Scouts is an advanced class and is invitation only.  All applicants for Cheat Mountain should fill out an application to help us place students in the appropriate class.

 All workshops held at the Cheat Mountain campus are overnight.  Scroll below for details.

Workshop Schedule (Morgantown Campus)

Note about workshop ages:  Each workshop is taught in a multi-age system that provides opportunities for more experienced campers to advance their skills.

June 18 – 21 (Half-day, M-Th):  Fire-Building 101

9am – 12pm, Ages 9 and up
This workshop introduces campers to the basics of fire-building:  site preparation, fire components (fuel, heat, oxygen), fuel gathering and tinder/kindling construction, fire maintenance, and fire safety and responsibility.  Campers will take home their own basic fire starting kit!

July 11 – 14 (Half-day, W-Sat):  Hamping for Happiness!

1pm – 4 pm, Ages 9-15
Discover the latest craze in outdoor adventure – “Hamping” – or camping with hammocks!  Campers will learn where best to set up hammocks, how to tie sturdy knots and how to hang tarps to sleep comfortably, warmly and safely outdoors all night.  Includes an overnight on the MLA campus on Friday evening and hamping certification.  Both beginning and advanced students will learn more hamping skills in this workshop.

July 16 – 19 (Half-day, M-Th):  Bird Nerd

9am – 12 pm, Ages 5-9
Join Ms. Hannah to learn more about birds! We’ll be hiking around the MLA property and searching for signs of birds that call these woods home. We’ll learn how to identify birds by song and appearance. Did you know the tiny birds that make such a ruckus in the woods during the summer travel all the way from South America in early spring to breed and raise their young right here in Appalachia?! How cool!

July 18:  Intro to Leathercraft

1pm – 5pm, Ages 11 and up
Join Jason Ruehl to learn the basics of leathercraft! Campers will create their own goathide leather drawstring pouch, dye it, and seal it for use. It’ll be perfect for your fire kit! This class costs $25.00.

July 19 – 20 (Full-day, Th-Fri only):  Natural Formations

9am – 4 pm, Ages 7 and up
Natural Formations is a nature-based art class in which we’ll explore the process of making art in and from the natural world.  Doing both individual and group installations the class will ask participants to find how they can work with nature to create something beautiful.  We will also discuss what it means to leave our artwork in nature and how to let go of control of our works.  The projects that this class will do reference works from artists like Andy Goldsworthy and Nils-Udo.

July 23 – 27 (Full-day, M-F):  Navigation Levels 2-4

9am – 4pm, Ages 8-15
For these workshops, held at Coopers Rock State Forest, campers will be sorted into 3 groups according to their current level of navigation and map-reading skills:  beginning, intermediate and advanced.  These classes can be used as credits for the mapping and navigation requirements in Mtn SOL afterschool programs.

July 30 – August 2 (Half-day, M-Th):  Beginning Sur-thrival

9am – 12pm, Ages 7-11
Begin your discovery on how to “sur-thrive” in the woods, Mountain SOL style! Scouts will be taught the basics of key sur-thrival™ fundamentals, including beginning mapping/navigation skills, creating shelters and basic knots, fire-building and camp-cooking basics, and gearing up your backpacks to be woods-ready. We’ll safely gain skills in groups and individually, and by week’s end, scouts will celebrate by setting up their own sur-thrival camps.

July 30 – August 2 (Half-day, M-Th):  Tracking 101

1pm – 4pm, Ages 8+
Senora Jen will be leading this tracking class for all levels. Beginners will be able to learn the four ways animals move and tell-tale signs when tracking. Our more advanced students will learn how to use a tracking stick and continue their skills and practice with tracking animals through the woods.

August 6 – 9 (Half-day, M-Th):  Intro to Mountain Mallards!

9am – 12pm, Ages 5 – 7
Calling all young explorers and nature-lovers! This workshop is meant to acclimate our youngest scouts to being in the woods and how to observe nature more closely.  Scouts will be led on a series of guided hikes and explorations to gain skills in trail identification and basic geography.  Mountain SOL’s foundation of early outdoor leadership and self-responsibility will be highlighted, with plenty of safe, fun nature-time to enjoy.

August 6 – 9 (Half-day, M-Th):  Advanced Fire

1pm – 4pm, Ages 12 and up OR currently in Mtn Zorros
Campers’ focus will be on making fires under wet conditions, making scout fires for safety and warmth, and continual development of campers’ fire-making kits.  Campers also will learn more about native plants to use for fires.  This class does not teach bow drill or hand drill fire-making but rather teaches to use skills under more demanding situations.  While we take kids as young as 12, the subject matter is appropriate for high school students.

Workshop Schedule (Cheat Mountain Campus – overnights)

July 2 – 6 (M-Fri):  Cheat Mtn Skills 1 and 2 (Scouts assist) – Skills 2 is Invite Only

Learn more here.

July 6 – 9 (Fri-M):  Cheat Mtn Scouts – Invite Only

Learn more here.

August 11 – 13 (Sat-M):  Wild Food Weekend

Ages 12 and up OR currently in Mtn Zorros, brief application required
Join us on Cheat Mountain for our first Wild Food Weekend!  Over this weekend students will camp out on the Cheat Mountain Campus of the Mountain SOL School in Randolph County, where our Cheat Mountain Camp is held annually.  Participants will expand their knowledge about edible plants and mushrooms in our forests, and even about common garden and yard weeds!  We will learn not only how to identify these foods, but also how to properly and sustainably harvest, prepare, and cook them.  Students will assist in preparing these meals, learning to cook in the kitchen and over the campfire!  Please email [email protected] for information to apply.
$160 – includes overnight stay, all food and materials!

Sept 1 – 3 (Sat-M):  Navigation Experience

Ages 12 and up OR currently in Mtn Jaguares, brief application required
Do you want to expand your navigation skills and knowledge?  Do you want to push your body and mind through new experiences in the mountains?  This fall we are offering a unique Navigation course on our Cheat Mountain campus in Randolph County. In this class students will learn to navigate on challenging terrain with limited visibility.  They will embark on a multi-day navigation challenge that will test both their skills and their physical strength and endurance.  This course requires students to have a basic understanding of navigation prior to enrolling, and to complete preparation work before attending.  Participants will communicate with Ivan, our navigation instructor, via Skype to discuss the preparatory assignment.  They then will do a practice hike using their map, compass and orienteering skills to find a new route from a designated start point to an ending point.  This will be a group activity supervised by an instructor.  Please email [email protected] for information to apply.
$140 – includes overnight stay, all food and materials!


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