2017 Summer Workshops

Mountain SOL™ is offering 7 weeks of Summer Workshops at Morgantown Learning Academy!

Enrollments will continue throughout the summer until workshops are filled!

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  • Workshops run weekly, June 19 through August 3
    Half-day workshops run Monday – Thursday (except where noted)
    Full-day workshops run Monday – Friday
  • Ages 5 & up (Mountain SOL can accept campers older than 11-years-old)
  • Sign up for multiple weeks & receive discount pricing!

Pricing Information (per workshop)

Half-day workshops (Mon – Thurs, except where noted):  $90
Full Day Workshops (Mon – Fri):  $160

Sign up for 4 or more workshops and receive a 10% discount on your total cost!

Students can enroll in Mountain SOL workshops only, or in conjunction with MLA summer camp program (separate enrollments required). Learn more about MLA summer camps here.  Map for MLA here.
Note:  MLA is a peanut free school.  Please do not send peanuts, peanut butter or products processed in a plant with peanuts!

Cheat Mountain Classes:  Each summer Mountain SOL invites students of varying skill levels to travel to our Cheat Mountain campus in Randolph County to practice survival skills, such as map-reading, fire-making and shelter building, in the Monongahela National Forest.  Our Cheat Mountain campus provides a unique environment where students can fully immerse themselves in a true wilderness setting!  Learn more about our 2017 Cheat Mountain classes here.

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Workshop Descriptions

Note about workshop ages:  Each workshop is taught in a multi-age system that provides opportunities for more experienced campers to advance their skills.

June 19 – 22 (M-Th):  Beginning Sur-thrival

9am – 12pm, Ages 7-11
Begin your discovery on how to “sur-thrive” in the woods, Mountain SOL style! Scouts will be taught the basics of key sur-thrival™ fundamentals, including beginning mapping/navigation skills, creating shelters and basic knots, fire-building and camp-cooking basics, and gearing up your backpacks to be woods-ready. We’ll safely gain skills in groups and individually, and by week’s end, scouts will celebrate by setting up their own sur-thrival camps.
Instructor:  Stacy Clovis-Woofter

June 26 – 29 (M-Th):  Design, Build and Get Fit, Round 3

9am – 12pm, Ages 9-15
Building on previous summer workshops, campers will design, construct and test new obstacles and training elements for our fitness trail.  Attendance in previous years’ workshops not a prerequisite, but previous campers will be given more difficult challenges.
Instructor:  Buddy Guthrie

July 5 – 8 (W-Sat):  Hamping for Happiness!

1pm – 4 pm, Ages 9-15
Discover the latest craze in outdoor adventure – “Hamping” – or camping with hammocks!  Campers will learn where best to set up hammocks, how to tie sturdy knots and how to hang tarps to sleep comfortably, warmly and safely outdoors all night.  Includes an overnight on the MLA campus on Friday evening and hamping certification.  Both beginning and advanced students will learn more hamping skills in this workshop.
Instructor:  Jen-Osha Buysse

July 10 – 14 (M-F):  Navigation 1 & 2

9am – 4pm, Ages 9-15
Campers will take their navigation and map-making skills to the next level in this all-day, week-long workshop.  Through activities at MLA and field trips to Coopers Rock State Forest, campers will learn how to read different kinds of maps and use a compass and other navigation tools.   They then will use those skills to create their own map of Coopers Rock.  These skills will be needed for future Cheat Mountain classes, as well as increase parents’ confidence that their kids won’t get lost in the woods. Participants from last year will have increased responsibilities and more difficult challenges.
Instructor:  Jen-Osha Buysse

July 10 – 13 (M-Th):  Primal Games

9am – 12pm, Ages 8-15
Throwing, running, jumping, crawling, lifting, carrying…  Taking these basic, natural movements and turning them into an obstacle race-style competition, we will set up a series of games using the woods as our playground.  New games for this year!
Instructor:  Buddy Guthrie

July 17 – 20 (M-Th):  Saving the Planet with Art!

9am – 12pm, Ages 7-11
Help save the planet and reduce energy consumption by turning trash and recyclable materials into art!  In this workshop, campers will tap into their creative side by transforming old newspaper, magazines, aluminum cans and plastic bottles into flowers, funky animals, vases, wreaths and even decorative herb gardens.  “Reduce & Reuse” never looked so beautiful!
Instructor:  Tesla Hickey

July 17 – 20 (M-Th):  Campside Cooking!

1pm – 4pm, Ages 8-15
In this workshop, campers will develop skills to prepare and cook food over a fire.  Campers will spend their entire time in the woods, make their own fires, cook their own food, and learn how to pack food for a long trip.  This workshop is a favorite from last year!  We will offer different meals and increase the difficulty of fire making for returning students.
Instructor:  Jen-Osha Buysse

July 24 – 28 (M-F):  Free Range Fitness in the Forest

9am – 4pm, Ages 9-15
We’re taking our Free Range Fitness afterschool program to Coopers Rock State Forest for the week!  This class will explore the foundational concepts of movement and fitness in their most natural environment, nature itself.  Lifting, climbing, crawling, squatting, balancing, hanging, running, and jumping all will be included in ways that are uncommon in a typical fitness class.  Join in the fun and learn how to turn any outdoor space into your own fitness center!
Instructor:  Buddy Guthrie

July 31 – August 3 (M-Th):  Intro to Mountain Mallards!

9am – 12pm, Ages 5 – 7
Calling all young explorers and nature-lovers! This workshop is meant to acclimate our youngest scouts to being in the woods and how to observe nature more closely. Scouts will be led on a series of guided hikes and explorations to gain skills in trail identification and basic geography. Mountain SOL’s foundation of early outdoor leadership and self-responsibility will be highlighted, with plenty of safe, fun nature-time to enjoy.
Instructor:  Stacy Clovis-Woofter

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