Mountain Mallards

The Mountain Mallards is a club for our students who just can’t get enough of being outside and who want to learn more about the trees, animals, plants, trails, and treasures that we have on Morgantown Learning Academy’s 12-acre campus. We spend every minute of our time together hiking on our trail around the property and exploring our forest.  While this class is full of fun and exciting discoveries, our instructors will consistently use principles of individual responsibility, team work and good stewardship to guide our adventures.

Spring 2017 semester:
Begins Monday, February 27, 2017
Ends:  Monday, May 22 (no program weeks of April 3 & April 17)
Mondays, 3:15p – 5:30p
2nd-4th graders
Cost:  $100-$150 per student
Become a Mountain Mallard! Sign up here.

During the Fall 2014 semester we worked on mapping and exploring our Morgantown Learning Academy’s (MLA) property. We created maps and learned orienteering skills. Each student designed a map of the MLA property. During the Spring 2015 semester, we learned about biodiversity through the Biodiversity Advocates for the Mountains (BAM!) project. We created books about the scat, tracks, appearance, and characteristics of two animals.  Fall 2015 the Mallards learned tree identification skills, specifically focusing on 5 native West Virginia trees! In Spring 2016, the Mallards expanded their knowledge of native West Virginia animals by learning to identify tracks and explored what those tracks can tell us about those animals.

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Would your child be interested in joining the Mountain Mallards?

– The afterschool program meets every week at Morgantown Learning Academy but is open to all students (public and homeschool as well!). The week day for the Spring 2017 semester is every Monday.

– Study hall for MLA students will be 3:15p – 4p to allow time for public school and homeschool students to travel to MLA.  We will take off up the hill at 4p! Parents, personal responsibility is a big part of this club, so remind your child to get ready but let them pack their own gear the night before. We will be going outside in the cold weather so please email Jen if you have questions about gear.  Each child needs to bring a backpack with a water bottle or camel pack and a nut-free snack with label for each adventure.

– Questions? Email Mallards Mentor, Jen-Osha Buysse, at

– To enroll your child, click here.

Why are we called the Mountain Mallards? 

The Mountain Mallards afterschool program started before the Mountain SOL School formed as part of Morgantown Learning Academy (MLA). MLA’s mascot is the Mallard, hence the name “Mountain Mallards”.