Enroll Today

To enroll your child you will need to complete the general enrollment form (below) as well as provide emergency contact information (under “Enroll Today” tab).  Upon completing enrollment, you will be emailed the following forms:

– Medical Form and Liability Waiver
– Photo and Video Release Form

These need to be completed, signed and brought to first day of afterschool program.

Or mail completed forms with payment to:
Liz Wiles, PR & Operations Manager
Mountain SOL School
66 Eddy Road
Morgantown, WV 26501

Tuition is on a sliding scale within a range (see below).  Please pay what you can afford; any amount above the maximum price will go towards scholarships and is tax-deductible.

Winter 2018
Winter Scouts Intensive – Donation

Spring 2018 Prices (prices listed are per semester)
Mountain Mallards, $100 – $150
Mountain Mapaches, $100 – $150
Mountain Zorros, $100 – $150
Mountain Jaguares, $150 – $200
Free Range Fitness/Self-Defense, $100 – $150

Once you hit “Submit” at the end of this form, you will be automatically directed to PayPal to make payment.  If you prefer to pay by check, simply exit out of PayPal.  Send check, made payable to “Mountain SOL School,” to Liz Wiles at the mailing address above or drop it off at the Morgantown Learning Academy office.  Please also make sure to complete the requested Emergency Contact Information, found under the main “Enroll Today” tab.  If you have questions, please email Liz at [email protected] 

NOTE:  This form can be used to enroll multiple children and/or multiple programs – no need to submit more than one form per child or per family (up to 5 classes total).